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The Association of Technicians of the province of Buenos Aires needed a digital solution for the self-management tasks of its registered professionals, and also for its administrative tasks.
In 2014, we began the development of "Sigma" and, nowadays, we continue working in the maintenance area and making permanent improvements to the system.


Develop a self-manageable platform that can support the high number of users (up to 10,000 registered professionals in active state) and a high volume of daily operations in the whole province.
It was also important to focus on the needs of the different users' profiles included in the tool.
To that end, we drafted a comprehensive plan based on developmental stages.



The solution consisted of a digital platform through which users can satisfy their needs. The application has different profiles.
The staff of the Association of Technicians is able to perform the administrative and operational tasks, based on their roles.

The registered professionals have the possibility of:

  • Verifying their personal information.
  • Managing their registration: includes detailed follow-up of the registration state and payment methods.
  • Performing operations related to the professional practice: uploading the agenda, managing activity fees, stamping online, among others.

  • In addition, this platform offers RapiPago, Provincia Pagos, Link, TodoPago and Siro (Roela Bank).


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